Have a look at some of the daily messages we receive from our students and their parents:

Simple, experienced and mostly humane! As you said “it is so hard to build bridges…and so much easier to raise walls…”. What matters however is our effort to do it. This will lead us to successful relationships and a happy life. Xenia, thank you for caring for our children, for people in general!

Rebecca T.

Congratulations! This was one of the best presentations I have ever attended. I admire your enthusiasm and determination and your love for teaching. You offer amazing help to all the children of your school. And you are right in all aspects. I have personally tried many of your methods and suggestions and the results were great. Keep up the amazing work. We, the parents of your students are simply GRATEFUL.

Maria K.

Thanks a lot for everything! I am leaving this seminar in a very optimistic mood, knowing that I am not alone in this trip of raising my children. With you and your support I am sure that our struggle will lead us towards great results.

Zoe K.

You always give us lessons for life and at the end of the day this is what matters and not stagnant knowledge. I have gained so much by attending your seminars during the last years but today I have kept more, specifically the story with the black rock which I will definitely share with my own daughters.

Lia G.

Thank you for what you are offering our children and what you are offering us, the parents. Please have as many seminars as you can and be sure that we will be there.

Angela L.

I am grateful for what you have offered my three children. When I lost faith in them, you were the one who convinced me to be patient and you were the one who taught me how to support them instead of shouting at them. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching my kids not only the english language but also the right way to think, to decide and to do what is best for them. Today, I have 3 educated kids, one with a British Degree, one with an American Degree and one with a Greek Degree, all of them successful in their fields. Thank You!

Eleni Z.

I can now look back with gratitude, never regretting my choice of selecting Skywalkers Educational Services to be by my side in such a crucial but also joyful and educating journey through the process of getting all my documents, registration updated in the required timeframe.

Antonis P.

I greatly appreciate the level of attention each future university student receives. I’ve experienced a feeling of security, knowing that there was someone supporting and keeping records of what needed to be done; helping me meet with all my deadlines. What I find most remarkable however, is the knowledge, kindness, positivity, and friendliness of the XTMPI staff, who were by my side at all times, ready to provide the kind of help considered necessary.

Peter P.

Frankly, I am 100% sure that if it wasn’t for Skywalkers Educational Services, I would have never been accepted to my current university and would still be lost in a bucket on papers and websites.

Leonidas M.

I am enormously pleased and satisfied by the services provided by Skywalkers Educational Services and I strongly recommend it to every single perspective student. The experience and knowledge they have toward universities and colleges is an immense help toward indecisive or poorly informed students, like I used to be.

Georgia E.

Skywalkers Educational Services has shown excellent and highly professional counselling abilities both toward my UCAS and USA applications. Not only they have caring, willing, understanding and accessible counselors, but also they’ve acquired years of experience which is evident in their readiness and ability to help everyone despite the overwhelming amount of information available on universities, colleges, etc.

Eleni V.

During my last year of school where each day was a fight for balance, one thing was solid and as strange as it may sound it was my counselor at XTMPI! He was there to guide and support me, from email deadlines to essays, to literature sessions, to countless hours of being there to take me from mere wishful thinking to the reality of managing to get a position in the University of my dreams. I am forever grateful to you Skywalkers Educational Services!

Monika S.

There are simply no words to express my gratitude and appreciation! Skywalkers Educational Services thank you for making my dream of starting my educational journey a reality!

Christina P.

I have become what I am today undoubtedly due to the messages received at XTMPI over the years. Xenia has taught me to look at different perspectives; She has taught me that a road does not always go in a straight line and that has indeed been my experience in life thus far. This is a message I sincerely hope to transfer with the same effectiveness to my own children. Dear Xenia, thank you from the bottom of my heart because that is where you are.

George G.

Dear Xenia, You have been in my head for the past few days and i decided to send you this message to say a big thank you! Thank you for giving me a pocket of lifetime skills which take me a step closer to fulfilling my dreams every single day! I’m sure your students don’t realise the value of your guidance at this moment, but they will in a few years when opportunities will be presented to them and they will find themselves confident enough to seize them, when they will not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone, when they will not be scared to project themselves in public and show people who they are and what they deserve!

Nicol T.

Dr. Xenia’s presentation was once more simply amazing! The way she speaks, her positive energy and her ability to create images is something that stays in your mind forever and ever. During her captivating talk many were the moments I felt tears in my eyes. I truly wish to remember every single word you said so that I can pass them on to my own children when I have my own family.

Tonia G.

Τον τελευταίο καιρό συναναστρέφομαι με πολύ ξένο κόσμο και μου τονίζουν πόσο καλά ξέρω να μιλάω αγγλικά. Με ρωτάνε που και από ποτέ ξεκίνησα να μαθαίνω και φυσικά κάθε φορά τους λέω για σένα! Σε ευχαριστώ και είμαι ευγνώμων όχι μόνο για την διδασκαλία σου αλλά και για όλα τα ήθη που μας μετέδωσες όσο σε είχαμε δασκάλα!

Eliana A.

I still remember the first day I walked in your school. I must have been about 6. I was scared and ready to cry. But then I saw your face. You came close to me and actually I remember you sat down near me on the front steps. “Don’t be scared” you whispered.. “Here we have fun and we laugh aloud. Do you like to laugh?” and then you smiled with that amazingly genuine smile of yours. That was the day I fell in love with this place… Ever since this is my second home. Soon I’ll be gone to university. But your smile, the knowledge you gave me and mostly the love and the support will accompany me forever in the years to come. I can’t wait to walk past the front door with my own son or daughter and see that smile again.

Andrew R.

Yesterday I was chosen to represent University of Copenhagen at a Model United Nations Conference in New York! The University Committee made reference to my “unique” public speaking skills. My immediate thought was, well, i had a unique teacher!

Nikoletta S.

More than 20 years ago me and my sister started taking private English lessons at XTMPI. We had no idea that this unique woman wouldn’t just teach English but would also teach us the core values of life, make us believe in ourselves, make us better teenagers and influence us on becoming the adults that we are today!

Phillipos M.

I can go on talking for this lady for hours! The least i can do is say THANK YOU in public for everything you’ve done all those wonderful years. All these children are so lucky having you next to them! Never stop sharing your light and stay strong for many more years because there are hundreds of children out there who need you. You are indeed a TEACHER!

Constantina C.