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Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa is the leading private institute in Limassol, which for the past 30 years has been providing its students with excellence.

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" Educating the mind without educating
the heart is no education at all"


What makes XTMPI the superior choice?

Our Courses

An evergrowing selection of innovative, student centered programs

Ranging from Foreign Languages to Maths & Sciences, from IGCSEs and GCEs A Levels in 13 subjects to University Preparation classes and communication courses such as Public Speaking.

Our Academic Director

"True education improves your ability to dream, to believe, to act"

Our emphasis on IQ as well as EQ

Emotional intelligence skills, which help deepen awareness, choice, and purpose are key for academic and lifelong success. XTMPI creates and fosters a school climate that is a great place to learn.

Discover the XTMPI vision

Our unique “Lifelong Learning” philosophy

XTMPI is not just another classroom

We bring the best out of our students by creating long-term educational paths of excellence, tailored to each individual.

We introduce the beauty of education to infants as young as 3 years old and continue to stand by their side all the way up to their graduate / post-gradute education.

XTMPI is a second home, a big educational family, which proudly supports its students’ academic needs- for life.

Our dedicated Educational Counselling Team

Our Skywalkers Educational Services counselling team assists you step by step towards preparing a successful study and career future

Find the answers you need, avoid unnecessary anxiety, save time and money and shed light to your future educational aspirations.

Our teachers and their ongoing training

Our staff is comprised of highly qualified teachers who are also personally trained by Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa, so that the original mission of the school remains intact.

Our student learning support

Did you know that an Educational Psychologist is a permanent member of our staff and that we can create custom-made programs in collaboration with Speech Therapists, Play Therapists as well as other experts?

At XTMPI we take your child’s education very seriously and we are fully prepared to accommodate their most demanding of needs.

Our exclusive skywalkers club

XTMPI is all about creating community & doing charity work.

Giving back to the community is one of the main reasons for creating this club that is why we organise or participate in fundraising and charity events throughout the year.

Games, sports and other extracurricular activities are part of our educational plan. They are part of children’s lives and a way to bring students, teachers and parents together, creating bonds that last for a lifetime.

Through fun and genuine laughter, children realize the dynamics of group work. Creating the right memories for kids and allowing them to discover their own secret skills and abilities elevates their cognitive and emotional intelligence.

With your registration in the Institute, you automatically become members of Skywalkers Club.

Our trips to the EU and USA

For more than fifteen years now, XTMPI has been organizing Educational Trips to a number of Universities or Colleges in the UK, the United States and other countries.

These educational experiences abroad have proved to be extremely useful for students both in terms of education and personal development.

Our international recognition, affiliations & accreditations

XTMPI is a recognised and/or affiliated member of Premier Institutions and Organizations in the world.

XTMPI is a registered UCAS Centre. Let us help you prepare a brighter future.

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XTMPI is the only appointed Fulbright Information Centre in Cyprus. All you need to know about studies in the USA.

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XTMPI is a Member of Cyprus’ Private Language Schools Union.

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XTMPI is recognised by the Ministry of Education under the relevant law since it has been established.

Our examination centre

XTMPI is an Examination Centre for IELTS and University of Cambridge IGCSE English Exams.

Testimonials from students and parents

Dear Ms. Xenia,
After attending your classes for 9 years, I simply need to tell you that I am not ready to leave you forever. This journey has been an unforgettable experience, a magnificent way to educate me not only on an educational level but also on a personal, psychological, character level. Throughout your teaching and through the years in your school I have grown as a learner but also as a person: I learned perfect English, passed my University Exams with distinction but I also matured, learnt to behave, to respect, to have values important to a child, a teenager and a decent adult. If someone asked me what will stay from my years with you I would answer the following:
The smell of your coffee, mixed with the essential oils you always used in class with a diffuser to boost our energy and fix our mood, your huge smile and very distinctive voice always asking us how we felt or complimenting us on our looks, hair, clothes when we felt that nothing on us looked right; But above all, what will always be carved in my heart will be the way you looked at us, filled with love, warmth. We felt as if you gave birth to all of us; and here I need to add a huge thank you for always believing in us as a professional, as a woman, as a teacher, as a mother. You believed in us and in our capabilities when we ourselves doubted ourselves. I will always remember the laughter, the tears of gratitude, the stress relief techniques that always accompanied our lessons which were lessons of English but above all, lessons of life, of struggle of not giving up, of learning to look at everything form a different perspective; they were lessons of exceeding limits, of failing and trying again, of being taught the right techniques to tackle language exams, of using music and songs to learn vocabulary which would never be forgotten. Hard and unpleasant exam papers became creative games by you and difficult vocabulary became a competition between us and we had no option but to learn and to learn with style and with fun and with love. But we did not only learn language; we learnt moral lessons from your personal stories on love, survival, poverty, even funny cooking tips which became amazing speaking lesson like the amazing real story “how to protect your canary from ending up in your soup’ which stirred up so much creative writing in our class. As you can see I can speak for hours about my positive memories from your lessons.
Thank you Ms. Xenia, mother, teacher, friend. You will always be in my heart.

Rafaella Solomou (17 years old – Class of 2018)

I do not regret that I trusted you with my three children.
Thank you and may God give you the strength to always be by our side. We need you!

Elpida Michael (mother of one of my students – 2010)

Keep up with your outstanding job in inspiring, building self-confidence and planting the seed of energy the youngsters need to succeed in life. Congratulations!

Stavros Michaelides (father of two of my students – 2015)

Your words will guide me even when I am not present. Thank you.

George Hadjipavlou (16 years old – Class of 2018)

You always fill my strength and positivity batteries.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can I still come to your seminars when my son Alex graduates?

Maria Alexandrou (mother of four of my students – 2011)

My dear teacher Ms. Xenia,
I felt the need to send you this letter as I am now in a conference in the USA with my current job and I have just finished presenting in front of a huge audience. As the audience was applauding, I felt the need to scream to them ‘please save your applause for Ms. Xenia, my one and only teacher, the person who managed to take me out of my shell and to turn me from a worm into a beautiful butterfly’. Honestly Ms. Xenia, everything you taught me as a teenager in your classes of English and life, every single writing technique, listening tip, vocabulary awareness, passage management, vocabulary learning though songs, storytelling, public speaking, verbal and non-verbal communication….everything, would simply be meaningless and it would be forgotten, had it not been for your passion, innovative and crazy, out of the box creative techniques and your moral lessons that touched our souls and made us shed tears. Today, I stand here in this huge conference room as a young adult and I tell you ‘continue to spread the light in the minds and the hearts of the young people you teach’. Thank you teacher!

Eliana Aravi (Class of 1998)