July 2019 Summer Courses

June 28, 2019

XTMPI Offers the following Summer Programs:

1. International Educational Summer School
2. Writing and Speaking Workshop
3. Summer Preparation for the 1st of Gymnasium
4. Intensive Summer IELTS Course


Are you looking for a Summer School which:

  • will miraculously enhance your level of English?
  • is simultaneously fun, innovative & highly educational?
  • is a great opportunity to make new friends and enjoy teamwork?
  • is life changing and promotes independence and builds your character building?

…then the International Summer School is just for YOU!

30 years of experience and love for teaching have turned XTMPI into an educational institution ‘where learning becomes an art’…

The Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa International Summer School has been created to enhance learners’ English fluency, literacy and communication skills. High quality summer schools are vital in the development of language skills, as during the summer break, learners are more relaxed and their ability to learn is elevated.

Learning is achieved when a program addresses students’ cognitive and emotional intelligence. We have spent a considerable amount of time carefully researching and planning in order to create a remarkable summer course which allows learners to have the time of their lives and learn in no time.

Welcoming students from the ages of 6-11, our targets are the students’ happiness and willingness to learn and most importantly to improve their fluency. Learning occurs through integrated project-based methods (theatre, games, presentations and educational excursions) derived from the constructivist approach to education. With us, learners gain a life changing experience that provides them with language skills, presentational skills, leadership abilities and teamwork qualities.

Taught by teachers specifically trained in summer school curriculum, this summer school will not only build language learning but also create a concrete foundation for future learning.

…So what are you waiting for?
Give your children a summer experience they will never forget!!!

Learn English & enhance your educational & personal skills in innovative and fun ways!

Every Monday to Friday, 09:00-13:00
Please contact us for the detailed schedule.



Improve Your Writing and Speaking in a few Sessions
Join us for the summer writing workshop!

This summer you have the chance to experience writing in a fun and interesting way that will help you improve your writing abilities and fluency through repeated exposure to the process of writing and speaking.

Do you feel that you have difficulty in expressing and developing your thoughts and ideas in English? …then join us for two weeks of writing and speaking fun where you will learn to:

  • write and speak more fluently
  • develop your ideas into full paragraphs
  • edit and draft your work

through a variety of integrated skills which will put emphasis on your writing and speaking abilities.

Please contact us for the detailed schedule.



Be well prepared before you enter Gymnasium!

We are informing you that during the months of June and July, we will be offering lessons for students who will be attending the 1st of Gymnasium in the upcoming academic year.

The huge success and demand of this program, over the last 20 years, was what made us repeat it again this year. Our goal is for your children to enjoy the new challenges of Gymnasium with excitement and creativity.

Our experience showed that with the right preparation students enter this new experience with confidence and with a much stronger character.

Lessons that will be taught:

  • Greek (Language Teaching, Creative Writing and Expression)
  • History (Study Skills)
  • Mathematics
  • Ancient Studies / Greek
  • French
Please contact us for the detailed schedule.



Been too busy with school work and you need the world recognized IELTS certificate before your go to university this September?
Join us now for this intense crash course and receive it by the end of July.

During the month of June, we will be offering intense IELTS lessons for students who will be attending university in the upcoming academic year. Test takers will be able to register for their test for the month of July.

Please contact us for the detailed schedule.